The New Forest

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We’ve started rehearsals of Hospital, a new performance that’s part of The New Forest. This time, Wunderbaum is collaborating with actors of the Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD). They work and live on Skid Row, a neighborhood where poor and homeless people live, in downtown L.A.

In every performance of The New Forest, we address a different issue. In The coming of Xia, the featured issue was ‘power’, in Hospital it will be ‘healthcare’. While in The Netherlands the liberalization of the healthcare is in full progress, the US seem to be moving in the opposite direction with Obamacare. What is the future of our care system?

Skid Row – the flip side of the American Dream – is not only a place of refuge for the homeless and (former) addicts, but also for those who have lost everything due to disproportionally high medical costs. Hospital is based on the stories of Skid Row and interviews with health care workers in The Netherlands as well as the United States. Needless to say, there will be references to American hospital series such as E.R., as well as to Lars von Trier’s medical cult horror tv-show The Kingdom.