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The House

The House

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A popconcert with movie

We open our house.
We take it with us, because we want to change perspective, change view.
We are modern nomads.

In a travelling house, designed by the architects of the firm ZUS, Lizzy Timmers (Veenfabriek) and Marleen Scholten (Wunderbaum) will invite various musicians, performers and visual artists to temporarily populate this house.

The result is an extremely eclectic musical performance, with a filmed report about this journey.

The two singing curators will drag you into the night with African polyphony, stringent electro beats, philosophizing teenagers, steaming instruments and the ‘new way of living’ dance.


Creators, actors & singers: Marleen Scholten en Lizzy Timmers
Design the house: ZUS – Elma van Boxel en Kristian Koreman
Musical production: Ton van der Meer
Camera & editing: Willem Weemhoff
Film directing: Marleen Scholten, Lizzy Timmers en Willem Weemhoff
Theatre design: Maarten van Otterdijk
Costume advise: Lotte Goos
Coach: Wine Dierickx
Dramaturgical advice: Tobias Kokkelmans
Assistant director (internship): Martine Mooij
Production coordinationCarry Hendriks
Production manager: Ina Oenema
Technique: Siemen van der Werf, Rick Gobée, Tjalling Bal en Paul van der Zouwe

“This is not just a theater performance … It is a string of miniature works of art. Give me the CD! ”

“In this late evening concert, Marleen Scholten and Lizzy Timmers set the scene with this spectacular recital.”

“The House is more than just a concert. The House is a visual and musical performance in which attractive, shiny outfits and danceto celebrate the new living.”

Trailer 1: With Sofie Knijff and Simon Lenski

Trailer 2: Now with Benjamin Verdonck & Bo Koek with The New Forest Entertainment Department

Trailer 3: Now with Rik Elstgeest, Indra Cauwels, Lowie van Oers & Klaus Jürgens

Trailer 4: Now with Elma van Boxel & Betty van der Schaaf.

Trailer 5: Now with Ton van der Meer, Igor Podsiadly, Eva Meijering, Sara Bjarland, Renger Afman & Willy Bakker.

Trailer 6: Now with Tijmen Hauer & William Bakker.

Trailer 7: Now with John van Oostrum, students of Vakmanstad (OBS Bloemhof) & Aetzel Griffioen.

Trailer 8: Now with Warre Simons, Jaime Peet and the Gospelfabriek.

Trailer 9: now with Rene Bakker.

Trailer 10

Eckhardt And The House single release:
Why Don’t You Kids Dance