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Let’s do it ourselves – IETM Amsterdam

Let’s do it ourselves – IETM Amsterdam

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On the 15th of April we will give the performance Let’s do it ourselves in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, during the IETM Plenary Meeting 2016. We created this performance in 2015 on location – in a truck – for the Oerol Festival. At this moment, we are on tour with this performance in the major theatres of the Netherlands and Belgium. Let’s do it ourselves is a music-theatrical spectacle about the end of the welfare state and the dawning participation society. How large a government do we want? Do we feel abandoned or have we finally been liberated? A punkroad-show with bottom-up influences and a top-down selected gang of thugs, consisting of self-reliant citizens.

For this performance, we work, perform and make music together with a large group of local volunteers and amateur actors. An occasional band has been set up, specifically intended forLet’s do it ourselves and directed by composer and musician Jens Bouttery.

During IETM, the performance will be provided with surtitles in English.