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Privacy – HAU, De Warme Winkel & Wunderbaum

Privacy – HAU, De Warme Winkel & Wunderbaum

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On the 20th of April the performance Privacy created by Wine Dierickx (Wunderbaum) and Ward Weemhoff (De Warme Winkel), will have its premiere in Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) on April 20th.

The boundary between public and private has been demolished and there’s no way back. “Privacy is no longer the social norm”, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reported recently. Not so long ago artists moved and provoked the audience with their dirty sheets and filthy fag ends (Tracey Emin), the birth of their child (Ed van der Elsken and others) and intimate sex scenes (Andy Warhol amongst others). An artistic era has perished as everyone now washes their dirty laundry in public.

Time for nostalgia? On stage an unmade bed, an open wardrobe, a kitchen table, a laptop and a full fridge, a stilled bouquet of flowers, a stray cigarette. We find ourselves in Ward and Wine’s living room, two actors, who are also a couple in real life. Manoeuvring between fiction and fact, between re-enactments of iconic artworks and their private lives, they evoke a time when the privacy still had something mysterious. A philosophical common or garden conversation develops around the question ‘How much privacy can a human being put up with?’

After the premiere, we will go on tour with this performance.