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The New Forest – The Law

The New Forest – The Law

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Wunderbaum and KVS present a theatrical trilogy about the laws of the border and the borders of the law. A story about statelessness, migration and sovereignty: the trial of a Somali pirate, the experiences of a Balkan prostitute and the political lobby surrounding the European border control.

This performance forms part of The New Forest: a large-scale project during which alternatives for a future society will be investigated over the coming four years. The New Forest will take various forms, such as a series of performances, an interactive online platform and an extensive mechanism of cooperation between various social sections.


De Wet is a production by KVS and Wunderbaum 

Walter Bart
Wine Dierickx
Matijs Jansen
Willy Thomas
Scarlet Tummers
Mieke Verdin

Design + lightdesign Maarten van Otterdijk
Drawings Rinus Van de Velde
Composer and musician Walter Hus
Dramaturgist Tobias Kokkelmans
Costumes Lieve Pynoo

Text part 1 Anton Dautzenberg
Text part 3 Michael Bijnens
Coach  Jan Bijvoet

Internal planning Kathy Van den Bossche
Coördination Brussel Nicole Petit
Technician sound Laurence Delafontaine
Technician light Dimi Stuyven
Technical coordination Jean Schols

Productional coordination Carry Hendriks
Assistant director + surtitles Inge Floré
Thanks to Marijn Alexander de Jong; Artel; Louke van der Bijl; Jacco Janssen; Ties Maas

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Performances of "The New Forest – The Law":

  • The law18 maart 2013 (20:00), KVS, Brussels (BE)
  • The law13 maart 2014 (20:00), KVS (private), Brussels (BE)
  • The law27 maart 2014 (20:15), Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
  • The law02 april 2014 (20:00), Schouwburg Leuven, Leuven (BE)
  • The law09 april 2014 (20:00), Toneelhuis, Antwerpen (BE)
  • The law28 april 2014 (20:30), Stadsschouwburg , Amsterdam
  • The law05 mei 2014 (20:00), Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Utrecht
  • The law08 mei 2014 (20:00), NTGent, Gent (BE)
  • The law09 mei 2014 (20:00), NTGent, Gent (BE)
  • The law10 mei 2014 (20:00), Parktheater, Eindhoven
  • The law14 mei 2014 (20:15), Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam