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The Mass Electric ArtEZ dance finals

The Mass Electric ArtEZ dance finals

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Danceperformance with students of ArtEZ dance/maker in Arnhem.

Inspired by the new cd of the brand new band ‘MASS ELECTRIC’, Wunderbaum’s Walter Bart makes a dance performance.

Hey you!!
Split in two!!
So, you can work that:
Double money!!

Live music by MASS ELECTRIC performed by Gerry Arling (Arling & Cameron) and Jens Bouttery; with electronic beats, synthesizers and drums we revive the labour market.

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Director Walter Bart
Dancers Fariza Achoendova, Bilal Bachir, Marina Barmpaki, Cassidy Carbine, Peter Cripps Clark, Lisa De Groote, Angela Demattè, Sophia Frenzel, Davide Guarino, Katie Jacobson, Ellen Landa, Benjamin Muller, Beatriz Navarro, Sally O’Neill, Nina Schick, Patrick Schmatzer, Diana Vieira, Laya Will, Rotem Shortson, Sharon Israeli, Guiseppe Perricone, Gianluca Possidente
Production ArtEZ Projectbureau Theater en Dans & Wunderbaum
Coproduction Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Repetitor Aryeh Weiner
Set design and light design Maarten van Otterdijk
Light Siemen van der Werf
Sound Toon Boland
Composition Mass Electric
Music Gerry Arling , Jens Bouttery
Productional coördination Carry Hendriks (Wunderbaum) & Jan Smeets (ArtEZ)
Productional assistant Lisette van Maanen
Costumedesign Lotte Goos
Dramaturgy Hendrik Aerts
Publicitity Sara van Deelen (ArtEZ) & Marlies Spijker (Wunderbaum)
Photography Robert Benschop

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