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The New Forest – The coming of Xia (2016)

The New Forest – The coming of Xia (2016)

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Xia is coming! Welcome the new leader! Following the exposure of the old democracy, actors’ group Wunderbaum has started an alternative society: The New Forest.

At the head of the Java Island, a new power base is arising. During a ceremony of Olympic proportions, the new authority will be welcomed: Xia, a Chinese girl.

For one final time, this summer Wunderbaum will present the music theatre performance The New Forest – The coming of Xia.

By and with: Wunderbaum, Hannah van Lunteren and Sylvia Poorta
Musical composition: Florentijn Boddendijk, Remco de Jong
Design: Bureau ZUS
Lighting design: Maarten van Otterdijk
Production: Wunderbaum in cooperation with Ro Theater
Co-production: Rotterdamse Schouwburg & Operadagen Rotterdam

Performances of "The New Forest – The coming of Xia (2016)":