The New Forest

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The New Forest – The Future of Sex

The New Forest – The Future of Sex

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Wunderbaum and Arnon Grunberg will research the future of sex. They will explore the boundaries of our sexual longings and they will dive into an erotic science fiction fantasy. They will visit the most accurate sites, interview adolescents, test the latest virtual sex toys and develop characters who live in a new intimate dimension.

Arnon Grunberg: “Sexual liberation is a myth. We cannot liberate the prisoner in ourselves; perhaps we can give him some air for a moment.”

By and with: Wunderbaum and Arnon Grunberg
Text: Arnon Grunberg
Music: Simon Lenski
Final direction: Johan Simons
Choir: Theaterkoor Dario Fo / KlangK Projektensemble
Design: Maarten van Otterdijk
Dramaturgy: Tobias Kokkelmans
Production: Wunderbaum
Co-production: Holland Festival & Rotterdamse Schouwburg



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